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Theodore Roosevelt magazines


#16 Charlton Real West Magazine 1969 Theodore Roosevelt Norem Cover Jesse James

1909 African Game Trails 22-Page MAGAZINE ARTICLE by Theodore Roosevelt v463

Collier's Magazine 1909 March 6 Inauguration President Taft Theodore Roosevelt

1928 PERSONALITY Magazine; Theodore Roosevelt, Sam Houston, Dr Rosenbach etc

1910 Magazine Print Early Portraits of Theodore Roosevelt

May 1928 Scribner's Magazine Theodore Roosevelt Prohibition H. S. Mowbray

Nothing Else But Teddy sheet music Theodore ROOSEVELT 1907 Gracie Lavelle Boston

Life Magazine 2/22/37 President Theodore Roosevelt Marian Anderson Carl Milles

Hearst's International Cosmopolitan Pulp April 1939 Col. Theodore Roosevelt Jr

1906 Magazine Print President Theodore Roosevelt

1904 Magazine Print Theodore Roosevelt & Family on Horseback at Sagamore Hill

History Today 8/73 Theodore Roosevelt/Goya/Lloyd George & Churchill/Bannockburn

Metropolitan November 1901, Pres.William McKinley Shooting, Theodore Roosevelt

1913 Magazine Print Theodore Roosevelt Peace Commission on Board Yacht Mayflower

April 25, 1901 LIFE Magazine Vol. 37 #964 Theodore Roosevelt Cover Centerfold

1917 Magazine Article #0372 Naturalists Tropical Laboratory: Theodore Roosevelt

1908 Magazine Print President Theodore Roosevelt & Admiral Robley D Evans

1924 Time May 19 -Henry Seidel Canby;Theodore Roosevelt

GRAY'S Sporting Journal Stories Theodore Roosevelt Thomas Quinn Art 1988

Time Magazine 1958, March 3, Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Rider
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