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Theodore Roosevelt magazines


Life August 15 1938 Theodore Roosevelt, Baseball, Eqyptian High Priest

Nothing Else But Teddy sheet music Theodore ROOSEVELT 1907 Gracie Lavelle Boston

History Today 8/73 Theodore Roosevelt/Goya/Lloyd George & Churchill/Bannockburn

CENTURY MAGAZINE June 1891 General Sherman, Theodore Roosevelt

The World's Events Magazine Theodore Teddy Roosevelt CA Stephens October 1902

Scribner's Monthly Magazine Jan-Jun 1900 Oliver Cromwell Theodore Roosevelt

Hearst's International Cosmopolitan Pulp April 1939 Col. Theodore Roosevelt Jr

1909 African Game Trails 22-Page MAGAZINE ARTICLE by Theodore Roosevelt v463

SCRIBNER's April 1920 Theodore Teddy Roosevelt Henry James Edmund Gosse

1924 Time May 19 -Henry Seidel Canby;Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Election Charge 1904 Korea War - Cripple Creek Colorado

Harper's Round Table June 22, 1897 Theodore Roosevelt original hunting story

Theodore Roosevelt Emily Dickinson Saddam Hussein The New Republic Dec 10 2001

Harper's Round Table August 31, 1897 Theodore Roosevelt original hunting story

Harper's Round Table April 27, 1897 Theodore Roosevelt original hunting story

Scribner's Monthly Magazine 1899 Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt

GOP Governors 1912 Nominate Theodore Teddy Roosevelt

May 1928 Scribner's Magazine Theodore Roosevelt Prohibition H. S. Mowbray

1904 Collier's Magazine, Oct22: Theodore Roosevelt Issue: Leyendecker Cover
Booth Tarkington; 2pp Roosevelt Ad! Vanderbilt Cup Race

Harper's Round Table May 25 1897 Theodore Roosevelt original hunting story
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