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China Stamps


CHINA stamps, Mao at the Gate of Heavenly Peace

China Stamps 1978 J32 -- 10th National Congress of CCYL, Set of 1

China PRC Stamp, T164M, S/S; 1 Set; MNH

1908年5月清代第四版蟠龍橫式明信片一枚未使用 China Chinese Qing Dy. Postcard Stamp Unused Document

1, China, People's Republic of 1987 mint stamp Cat.#2103 Free shipping.

CHINA-77 very interesting old stamps, MNH

China Stamps 2014 1 -- Zodiac Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse

CHINA-95 very interesting old stamps, MNH and used

china coiling dragon stamp collection . USED

L-33 PRC CHINA LOT OF 18 STAMPS, 1950s-1960s


China Stamps 2011 1 -- Zodiac Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit

1981: China; 42 different mint stamps. Emblem, peace hall, over prints 1941-1952

1979: China; 41 different stamps. Mao, emblem, gate, etc. 1949-1954

1973: China; 2 mint sets (3+4) imprinted stamps. Mao, post, air. 1951

Stamps China x 30

China Stamps 1987 T120 -- Fairy Tales of Ancient China, Set of 6

China-collection of 112 old used stamps

CHINA-nice collection of 51 beautiful used old stamps

CHINA-very nice collection of 70 beautiful MNH old stamps
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