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Abraham Lincoln Buttons


1900's Pin ABRAHAM LINCOLN Pinback The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Button Paper Insert

Abraham Lincoln Lapel Button Republican Party

Abraham Lincoln Button Set (2) 1 1/4''

Abraham Lincoln photograph- matted with Civil War Eagle button

President Abraham Lincoln Republican Pinback Button - 1.5" - Free Shipping

5 ABRAHAM LINCOLN PINS 16th USA President Civil War Pinback Button Badge Set Lot


ABRAHAM LINCOLN 2.25" PIN 16th USA Civil War President Pinback Button Badge

Abraham Lincoln 1" Button Earrings New Honest Abe

Early 1900s pin Abraham LINCOLN Statue pinback Junior founder button

1909 pin ABRAHAM LINCOLN pinback Ward's Tip Top BREAD button Paper Insert

Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe Mackinshirts Button/Pin Antique Collectible

1996 pin Robert DOLE + Abraham LINCOLN pinback button

1909 Abraham LINCOLN Centennial pin Indiana League pinback button

Abraham Lincoln 1" Button Earrings New Honest Abe

Scarce Abraham Lincoln C.E.N.A. Cuenca Lapel Pin Button Ecuador

Early 1900s pin Abraham LINCOLN pinback W. F. Miller NYC Premium button

Vintage High Relief Abraham Lincoln Head Metal BUTTON

Abraham Lincoln,mourning badge,blue velvet ribbon,photo of campaign button,1865

Photo of political campaign button,Abraham Lincoln,presidential election,1864
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