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china stamps chairman mao


China Stamps New W.12 Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan

China PRC 1971 Chairman Mao Slogan and Stamp 991,Cover localy used

Chinese Stamp China W7 Chairman Mao Poems mint Block of 2 printing date imprint

China Stamp FD card 1977 J22 the Memorial Hall for Chairman Mao Tsetung CN131005

2 Communist China stamps 2 Communist China Chairman Mao badges

China PRC 1968 Chairman Mao Slogan and Stamp, Airmail Cover to Austria

China Stamp 1967 C123 Liu Yingjun, Chairman Mao's Good Fighter MNH

China Stamp 1968 W13 Latest Instruction by Chairman Mao MNH

文1毛主席语录 China Stamp W1 Chairman Mao‘s Words,*SCV $400,MLH, Gum,VF

CHINA 1949 Chairman Mao and Great Wall Stamps Set4 (2205)

China Stamp 1967 W6-1 Chairman Mao - Red Sun of China MNH

文7筋票大雨 China Stamp W7 Chairman Mao‘s Poem Key Stamp“ Big Rain', CTO,Gum


Chinese Stamp PR China W4 Chairman Mao Tse-tung Culture Revolution Mint stamps4

China 1977 J21 1st Ann of Dealth of Chairman Mao MNH Stamps 毛澤東

文7主席诗词 独立寒秋 带厂名 China Stamp Chairman Mao Poem W7*独立寒秋*湘江北去'with imprint,Gum,VF

China Stamp, 2013-3 CH1303P 50th ANN Chairman Mao Inscription, Important People

China Stamp 1967 W4 A Long, Long Life to Chairman Mao MNH

毛主席诗词 钟山原胶轻盖 China Stamp W7 Chairman Mao's Poem"zhongshan", Caneclled,Gum,VF

China 1983 J97 90th Anniv Birth of Mao Zedong Chairman Stamps
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