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Theodore Roosevelt Photographs


Theodore Teddy Roosevelt " in the arena" Quote Framed Photo Picture # cd1

President Theodore Roosevelt Inauguration Photograph and Parade Ticket Stub


Edmund Morris Signed Theodore Rex Roosevelt Book w/ Photo Proof!

26th US President THEODORE 'TEDDY' ROOSEVELT & John Burroughs Glossy 8x10 Photo

New 5x7 Photo: A Laughing President Theodore - Teddy - Roosevelt

1932 Press Photo Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt,Daughter Ethel Roosevelt

1899 Print of Photo - Rough Rider Col. Theodore Roosevelt - Spanish American War

Theodore Teddy Roosevelt "not the critic who counts" Quote 8 x 10 Photo #cd1

1918 NYC William Loeb Ex Secretary to Theodore Roosevelt Press Photo ner55301

Theodore Roosevelt #1 Photo 8X10 - Cuba Rough Riders

1918 NYC William Loeb Ex Secretary to Theodore Roosevelt Press Photo ner55299

President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTO New York Governor Art

Theodore Teddy Roosevelt " It is not..." Quote Black Large Matted Photo Picture

1926 Press Photo Boy Scouts at grave of late Pres Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt Framed Portrait Photo Picture #b1

1898 Colonel THEODORE 'TEDDY' ROOSEVELT Glossy 8x10 Photo 'Rough Rider' Print

1900 photo Theodore Roosevelt, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing b3

Photo Picture Theodore Teddy Roosevelt; 11 x 14 Print; US President w/ Quote

USS Theodore Roosevelt patch and photo in frame.NICE Navy Aircraft Carrier item
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