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Theodore Roosevelt Art



Theodore Roosevelt: Art of Controversy, White House Years by Gatewood; 1970 HC

Bronze bust of Theodore Roosevelt by Gleb W. Derujinsky-1958

Original ACEO Theodore Roosevelt Art Card

Theodore Roosevelt Speaking La Crosse Wisconsin 1903 antique photographic print

Antique Bookplate Photogravure Portrait Print Theodore Roosevelt, Gari Melchers

US Navy USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 Mil-Art USA Coffee Mug Cup

Theodore Roosevelt portrait with facsimile signature photogravure Artcraft card

Back porch of Sagamore Hill, home of Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay, New York-

Bronze bust of Theodore Roosevelt by Georg John Lober-1954

Bronze bust of Theodore Roosevelt by James E. Fraser-1919

Grover Cleveland & Theodore Roosevelt Exposition 1903 antique photographic print

Cabinet bust photograph No. 2, of President Theodore Roosevelt-1904

Cabinet full figure standing photograph #6, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt-1903

Artistic Depiction Theodore Roosevelt 1903 antique color lithograph print

Col. Theodore Roosevelt at the Grand Canyon, Arizona talking to Capt. John Hancc

Col. Theodore Roosevelt in front of Eltovar i.e. El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon, A

Antique piano stool cast iron legs & folk art carved portrait Theodore Roosevelt

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and Russell J. Coles on a devil fish harpooning exped

Crowds watching the inauguaration of President Theodore Roosevelt-1905
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