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Switzerland Stamps


Switzerland 1961 Wood Carvings Set CTO

265 Used Switzerland Stamps

Switzerland 1924 UPU Set CTO

SWITZERLAND 1862-1939 Lot of 78 Stamps Collection on Scott Album Pages

SWITZERLAND.....Canton of Vaud......1887.....Revenue Stamp

Switzerland ESTATE Stamp Collection Album w/Minkus pgs, 1955-1974, 277 plus 137

Switzerland, 1947 Railway Centenary 5 Rp, missing spoke variety, used

Switzerland 1930 Used st. on illustrated postal stationery to Germany.. R2106

Switzerland 1936 Used stamps on airmail postcard - Lugano - to Germany... R2161

SWITZERLAND: 5 Franc playable disc Vinyl-record souvenir-sheet MNH, issued 2014

Switzerland 1953 used stamps on airmail cover to Tchad (A.E.F.)..........R2252

Switzerland 1960 used stamp vignette on parcel post receipt to Belgium.... R2298

LA52228 Switzerland architecture landscapes good sheet MNH

LA52234 Switzerland landscapes Gen Suworow fine good lot MNH


LA52235 Switzerland 1967 Pro Patria fine good lot MNH

LA52236 Switzerland modern fine art fine good lot MNH

LA52237 Switzerland United Nations landscapes fine good lot MNH

Postal card, Switzerland, Monthey to Aigle, 1873

LA52240 Switzerland locomotive city view fine good lot MNH
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