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Lyndon B Johnson photos



1967 PRESIDENT Lyndon B Johnson & Wife Airport Arrival Original Press Photo

1966 Pres Lyndon B Johnson Wreath Head Bowed Lincoln Memorial DC Wire Photo

1961 VP Lyndon B Johnson & Pakistani CAMEL DRIVER Original Press Photo

Photograph: Lyndon B. Johnson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left Johnson,

CA PHOTO bdq-726 President Lyndon B Johnson

1957 Lyndon B Johnson William Knowland Press Conference Speech Press Photo

1991 Press Photo Lyndon B. Johnson "The American Experience"

Lyndon B. Johnson President Sworn In On Air Force One 8x10 Photo 003

1960 John F Kennedy Smiling With Lyndon B Johnson Original Press Photo

CA PHOTO bdq-755 President Lyndon B Johnson

1964 Wire Photo President LYNDON B. JOHNSON Tours LBJ Ranch

Democratic Presidents John F Kennedy Lyndon B. Johnson White House 1962 Photo

1991 Press Photo Lyndon B. Johnson in "The American Experience"

NO567 Photo LYNDON B. JOHNSON Portrait

V.P. Lyndon B Johnson with Willy Brandt of Germany 1961 vintage press photo

Circa 1961 Vice President Lyndon B Johnson Press Photo

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Mrs. Presidential Photo Tile Hanging Ceramic EUC

CA PHOTO bdq-717 President Lyndon B Johnson Swearing In

Mrs Lyndon B Johnson Presidents Wife COLLECTION (14) Press Photos
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