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John F Kennedy collectibles


Original Book Personally Owned JFK Sec Evelyn Lincoln - A Very Special President

1963 President Kennedy JFK Visit to 1st Polaris Missile Launch Pictorial Booklet


Original 1968-1969 USS John F Kennedy CVA-67 EW Gitmo Med Cruise patch

J.C. Fremont 1856 Campaign Dewitt-JFK-1856-14 Brass

Original Kennedy Book Personally Owned JFK Secretary Evelyn Lincoln

Original JFK Funeral Mass Card from Evelyn Lincoln's Estate

President John F Kennedy Flicker Ring Gumball Machine Paper Display Vintage 60s

Original JFK Letter to the House 1961 - JFK White House Document

Historically Important Original JFK SPACE RACE White House Document 7/24/61

Original USS John F Kennedy CVA-67 OI Division CIC late 60's carrier patch.

USS John F Kennedy JFK ZIPPO Lighter 2007 NMINT/Box 2007 Navy Ship CV 67

JFK's Personally Owned Back Stamped White Sands Missile Photo from JFK's Files

From JFK's Files - JFK's Personally Owned Back Stamped White Sands Missile Photo

8" x 10" Photo President John F. Kennedy Funeral Procession Caisson

4 Original JFK Documents - from JFK's from His White House Files - 1961

Baltimore News American Newspaper - Nov. 25, 1963 - JFK

Original John F Kennedy JFK Campaign Poster "Leadership in the 60's" - Near Mint

Original White House Office Photo Personally Owned by JFK - from His Files

1964 John F. Kennedy Jfk Portrait With Cancelled Stamp Framed 12X15
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