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Hungary Stamps


33 Air Post Stamps Hungary

Hungary - Stamps and Souvenir Sheets (MNH and Used)

Hungary early collection from 1871,... 48 stamps..

Hungary stamp collection on small album

Hungary porto stamp collection

HUNGARY - 2014. Stamp Day, SPECIAL PACK with Cristal - MNH

Hungary 1918 Köztársaság Kozt. overprinted stamps

Hungary official stamp collection,Hivatalos 1921/1925

Hungary - Different revenue stamps on paper, cut, used

Hungary - 3 Page Estate Collection -109 Stamps - Unchecked Lot - Early Issues NR

Hungary stamp collection lot


Hungary Magyar Posta Stamps Set 1960 MNH Collection Lot

Hungary Occupation Romania 1919-20 Lot 6 stamps MNH/MLH

Over 100 Diff. Scott Listed Stamps from Hungary, Commems & Defins, Back to 1871.

Hungary 100's Of Glassines Stamps With Cat #'s Mint/Used All Sound (BC364)

Hungary Ungarn,complete sheet of the stamps (translates horizontally perforation

Hungary Ungarn,complete sheet of the stamps translates horizontally perforation

HUNGARY 1960-1990 COMPLETE STAMP COLLECTION, 31 years MNH Mi.:about. 3000 EUR

Hungary Ungarn,complete sheet of the stamps translates horizontally perforation1
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