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Germany Stamps


XX-RARE 1937-A WW2 NAZI German 1 Reichspfennig SWASTIKA Coin & Hitler Stamp LOT

#4993 GERMANY Lot of Old Stamps Used & Mint


GERMANY 1923 (27.8.) INFLATION COVER FRANKING HANNOVER (obliterated on back)

Germany Nazi Third Reich Goldschmiede Kunst stamp Set WW2 ERA #c

21 Single 1939 Used Germany Nazi Stamps SP124 SP136 Full Page still hinged

GERMANY offices in BELGIUM 1.25 & 2.50 MH/MNH Fresh Blocks

Nazi Germany Third Reich Zeppelin Postcard/ MNH Lot WWII Stamps!!

Germany Saar VF MLH Single MI. #349 Bright Color, Good Perf.'s

Germany Saar VF MNG Single MI. #97 Bright Color, Good Perf.'s

Germany VF MNH Strips Scott #755-759 Short set

Germany stamps - HUGE lot of 497 mint hinged and used old stamps- super lot!!

Lot 2 Old Germany-Bavaria - Portomarken

Germany Sc#B404-7 NH Birds of Germany

Small Mint stamp collection/ WWII Germany/ Adolph Hitler/ German Swastika

Germany Sc#B241-2 LH Honoring Peter Rosegger, Austrian Writer

Germany Sc#B400-3 NH Scenes from Sleeping Beauty

Germany - Set of 3 - #238A-240 - MNH - 1923

Stamp Germany Mi 571 Sc 454 1935 3rd Reich Empire Swastika Insignia MNG

GERMANY OCC serbia overprint ful set MLH
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