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George Washington Photographs


ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA George Washington Masonic National Memorial REAL PHOTO RPPC

New 8x10 Photo: President George Washington, "Father of Our Country"

5 cent Inter. Revenue George Washington Foreign Exchange stamp on antique photo

1923 Press Photo Statue of George Washington to be repaires in Wash DC

GAIRLOCH HOTEL ROSS-SHIRE - GWW George Washington Wilson Original Photograph

Internal Revenue 3 cent George Washington Proprietary stamps on photo cards

collection of President George Washington & family cdv photographs

QW981 Photo GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE View from Distance

c1900 George Washington Elm Cambridge MA Gone in 1923 Color Photo Lantern Slide

old photo/George Washingtons View of the Potomac/March 4, 1930

Vintage Reproduction of carte de visite Photo/ George Washington 2/1/4"x4 1/4"

HISTORIC PHOTO Mt Vernon George Washington Tomb VA Virginia Vintage Photograph

Doctor George Washington Crile Signed Photo First Direct Blood Transfusion

1932 Press Photo Alabama Beating George Washington at Griffith Stadium in DC

Albumen Print St Paul's from Blackfriars 1880 George Washington Wilson Photo

2 Cent Blue Inter. Rev. Express George Washington stamps on antique photo cards

Old George Washington Photo (Farm Find!)
Estate Sale (ART)

1st US President GEORGE WASHINGTON Glossy 8x10 Photo Vintage Sketch Print

1981 Denzel Washington George Segal Carbon Copy VINTAGE 7 MOVIE PHOTO LOT 685M

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