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European Stamps


SWITZERLAND, B105, Souvenir Sheet of Stamps, MINT VLH, Extremely Fine!!

Finland 2014 MNH Sheet - Graphic Artist Tom of Finland - ART - Block of 3 Stamps

-114- Liechtenstein 1934-36 Very Fine set airmail birds MNH

RUSSIA-1913 SC # 92,94,98,100,110,111,117,-MNH

Russia, USSR, Mi 3230, Full sheet 1966, Birthday Ordshonikidse, MNH

Greece -Vlastos Stamp Catalogue 2012 Latest Issue

SWITZERLAND, C1, Airmail Stamp, MINT LH, Signed, Extremely Fine!!

RUSSIA-1913 SC # 100-103,-MLH

-128- Liechetstein 1983 Very Fine MNH sheet

Erotic Gay Stamps World First Masculine Sheet Tom of Finland MNH Stamps 2014

Russia, USSR, Mi 3252, Full sheet 1966, Birthday Jakir, MNH

-131- Italia MNH Very Fine 2 sheets

-132- Monaco Red Cross MNH Very Fine 2 sets Perf and Imperf

SWITZERLAND, incl B4-B6(MH) Excellent Assortment of Stamps in pages/glassines

WWII 3Rd Reich BaM 9 stamps Adolf Hitler MNH

-133- Turk Kibris 1990 Europa Good MNH Very Fine Sheet 3x

Denmark 1886 Fredericia Bypost Local 9 Ore Pale Red on Yellow Imperf Proof

-134- Portugal 1977 Europa Good MNH sheet

* 925 Stamped 100 pcs European Glass Beads Bracelet Charms Vareity Mix
*** Need it fast? Ships Same Day from CO USA***

-135- Monaco Good MNH lot Very Fine
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