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Eleanor Roosevelt Art


Eleanor Roosevelt signed White House letter to previous First Lady. November '36


Paderewski walking with Eleanor Roosevelt,West Palm Beach,March 20,1941

Photo: Christmas greetings from Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo: Edith Bolling Galt,Preston,Eleanor Roosevelt,Coolidge

1935 Original Photo ELEANOR ROOSEVELT First Lady & Friends PRESIDENT BIRTHDAY

Eleanor Roosevelt Poster Eleanor Roosevelt Quote Motivational Quote 18x24 ER3

1931 Print Roosevelt Portrait Theodore Nicholas Alice Harvard Eleanor Wilson FZ1

1959 Wire Photo JOHN F KENNEDY Chatting White House Democrat ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

Feb 1958 Sat. Evening POST Magazine, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, George Hughes art Cover

ART PRINT Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt

Strong Woman Eleanor Roosevelt Quote Poster Poster
Size 13x19

Ford Times April 1963 Campobello Visit Eleanor Roosevelt Bird Art Ch. Harper

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Halsted,Easter gown,first child,daughter,Franklin,1936

Photo: Dorothy Height, Mary McLeod Bethune, Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo: Eleanor Roosevelt,Mrs. Truman,Mrs. Wilson,c1955

Photo: Eleanor Roosevelt,microphones,Citizens for Kennedy 1960

Photo: Eleanor Roosevelt, in inaugural gown 1933,Franklin

Original Signed Eleanor Roosevelt Queen Elizabeth Oil Painting Royal Visit 1939

Photo: Eleanor Roosevelt,Adlai badge,Harry Truman,c1956
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