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Egypt Stamps


Suez Canal Company 1868 5c Imperforate Ship stamp SG2 mint hinged z9385

Egypt stamps collection on 14 stamp album pages

Egypt Revenue Fiscal Cigarette Tax Imperf Stamp. ⅛ millieme. Used.{lot~1008}

EGYPT 1867/1930s M&U Collection (Appx 120+ Items)[C3667]

Egypt Booklet panes strips of 12 stamps Young King Farouk Rare


YE001 EGYPT 1922 KING FUAD Sc #103 MH 1 £


YE002 EGYPT 1939/46 KING FAROUK Sc#240 MH cv:$26

YE004 EGYPT 1952 Sc#C53/C64 SET OF 12 AIRMAIL cv:$35 MH

YE005 EGYPT 1947 Sc#C39/50 SET OF 12 AIRMAIL MNH/ MH

Egypt, #1864 MNH. Lot of 10 identical stamps

YE006 EGYPT 1927/37 LOT MH

YE007 EGYPT 1948/53 LOT MNH/ MH

Egypt Album Page Of Stamps #V2407

YE008 EGYPT 1926/29 Sc#C1/C2 AIRMAIL LOT MH cv:$39

YE009 EGYPT 1927/37 LOT MH

Egypt 2014 Scott Catalogue Pages 1071-1142 SALE

YE010 EGYPT 1933/38 Sc#C5/25 SET OF 21 MH cv:$79

YE011 EGYPT 1931 Sc#163/65 SET OF 3 MNH
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