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Bill Clinton Dolls


Entertaining Presidential Dolls Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush

Bill Clinton Talking Doll with 16 Sound Bites`BRAND NEW~COLLECTIBLE RARE ITEM


Lot of 2 Presidents George W Bush & Bill Clinton Singing & Dancing Dolls

Bill Clinton Talking Toy Presidents MISB Sealed Box William Doll Figure

Bill Clinton NESTING DOLLS with Monica Lewinsky Paula Jones Hillary & Saxophone

Bill Clinton & Family Paper Doll Book, 1994,16 Pages,Uncut,Tom Tierney

Bill Clinton & Al's Excellent Adventure Paper Doll Book - Uncut - 1994

Russian Nesting Dolls - Bill Clinton and His Women

Bill Clinton Nesting Dolls women In His Life and a cigar

Bill Clinton and His Family Paper Dolls (Dover President Paper Dolls)

1998 Fondle Me Bubba Talking Bill Clinton Doll

Uptown Bill - PRESIDENT Bill Clinton Animated Dancing Sax Playing Doll- NEW OS

Bill Clinton Talking Dancing Animated Doll Funny, Lewinsky & Inspirational RARE

John F. Kennedy & Family + Bill & Hillary Clinton Paper Dolls Tom Tierney '90-94

Bill & Al's Excellent Adventure - 1994 Clinton & Gore Paper Doll Book!

Hilary Clinton Nutcracker Rush Hannity Cracking Collector Doll Bill Shell Pecan

Bill Clinton Famous American Presidents Plush Doll K & K GAMES BEAN BAG

Bill Clinton Nesting Doll, Monica, Paula Jennifer, & Hillary!*SIGNED* 5pc-5.5"

8.5" Bill Clinton stuffed doll, as is!
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The Political Teen