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Abraham Lincoln collectibles


Abraham Lincoln Hair Lock (Authenticated)

New 5x7 Photo: Last Photo of President Abraham Lincoln

1925 Abraham Lincoln Friendship Week Cinderella Stamp Collection RRR bird eagle

WRITINGS of ABRAHAM LINCOLN Gettysburg Address + Emancipation Proclamation &more

Vintage Abraham Lincoln President Life History Plate The "Sabina" line

Cast Iron George Washington Bust and Abraham Lincoln Bust

Vintage Abraham Lincoln Pinback Pepsin Gum 7/8"

New 5x7 Civil War Photo: President Abraham Lincoln in 1865

Illinois Watch Co Springfield IL, Abraham Lincoln Watch Advertisement R. Bohunek

The Life of Abraham Lincoln By Ward H. Lamon Illustrated 1st Edition 1872
Included New York Times 1926 Article By Wm E Barton

Abraham Lincoln - PORTRAIT & THOUGHTS (rolled NEVER folded) Looks & Feels Old

Abraham Lincoln Civil War Dated Autograph Note Signed

Very Rare Original & Beautiful Bust of Abraham Lincoln

License Plate, Illinois, 1978, JD 711, State Motto: Land of (Abraham) Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln #3 Photo 8X10 - Rare President

1856 Springfield,Illinois Abraham Lincoln Era hand signed document-10 Signatures

Boy Scout 1947 Abraham Lincoln Pilgrimage Neckerchief Slide Springfield Illinois

Photo-postcard of Civil War President Abraham Lincoln

Vintage Rare Fun World Abraham Lincoln Doll- 8" tall- Hong Kong

1915 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Memorial spoon Chicago Rail Splitter
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