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Abraham Lincoln Photographs


Abraham Lincoln - 16th U.S. President - Alexander Gardner CDV Photograph

Abraham Lincoln Civil War Letter to Mrs Bixby 1891 Print Mathew Brady Photo 1672

Abraham Abe Lincoln Reading To His Son Tad Framed Photograph Print

CDV Photograph President Abraham Lincoln - Blank on Bank

New 5x7 Photo: $5 Bill Photo of Presidenrt Abraham Lincoln, 1864

CDV Photograph President Abraham Lincoln - S.B. Brown Providence, RI

1931 Vintage Press Photo of Illinois Liquor License granted to Abraham Lincoln

New 5x7 Photo: Last Photo of President Abraham Lincoln

Photograph of Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Hesler - King V. Hostick plates

Abraham Lincoln Photo 8X10 - President White House Booth Illinois COLORIZED

Abraham Lincoln Photo 8X10 - President Honest Abe Portrait White House COLORIZED

Abraham Lincoln #3 Photo 8X10 - Rare President

original Abraham Lincoln photo

Abraham Lincoln CDV Photograph Photo~Historical Antique 1864

New 8x10 Photo: Portrait that President Abraham Lincoln Considered his Best

Men Reading At Buenos Aires Abraham Lincoln Library Original Press Photo

5x7 Photo - Last Known Picture of President Abraham Lincoln - FAST SHIPPING

Framed 1865 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Crepe Badge Cockade & Gem Frame Photo

8 x 10 Double-Matted Photo of Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Gardner in 1865

original Abraham Lincoln photo
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