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Retailer Competition Going Crazy

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Demographic, economic and cultural shifts are permanently altering the profile of the retail work force. Among the primary shifts affecting retailers are the aging of the population and the continued number of women joining the labor pool.

Retailers have traditionally relied on two segments of the population for an ongoing supply of their store-level work force–young adults and female homemakers.

The influence of the baby-boomer generation on all aspects of our economy and our culture has been widely documented. The boomers, the single largest and most influential segment of the population, are entering midlife.

Currently, adults aged 45+ account for 34% of the U.S. population, a figure that is expected to swell to over 40% by the year 2015 and adults 55+

Business-Sponsored Volunteerism Pays Dividends

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The good that you enable your employees to do through volunteer programs can pay dividends for your company.

Sporting a T-shirt bearing her firm’s name, snacking on company-donated doughnuts, and occasionally kidding her co-workers, Heather Alford was enjoying her weekend away from the office-hammering nails at a construction site to help build a house for a needy family.

Alford, a purchasing assistant at a computer firm, was lending a hand with a Habitat for Humanity project in Phoenix. And as she applied her carpentry talents to help others, she was also developing organizational skills and helping her company, based in neighboring Scottsdale, express its commitment to the Phoenix area.

typicAlford’s employer, PAR Technologies, Inc., manufactures computer-memory and related products. It also sponsors

Hospital Volunteering Offers Healing Side Effects

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“What do you want to do as a volunteer at the hospital?”

That was a legitimate question for the volunteer services coordinator to ask. It’s not an easy question to answer, but it definitely warrants asking. I have multiple sclerosis so my options are limited. I use a massive electric wheelchair and have limited use of my hands. What I can do is talk but to do that, I must depend on an electrical device since I don’t have a voice. One heaven-sent gift I do have is my faithful service dog, Francine, a ten-year-old golden retriever. I wanted to volunteer with Francine and show that we could make a difference – something that might bring a smile to someone’s face.


Things You Need To Know About A Drug Rehab

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Drug rehab, commonly referred to as drug rehabilitation or simply rehab is a word that is used to refer to a medical or psychotherapeutic process used to treat excessive dependence on substances such as alcohol and drugs. A person who majorly depends on drugs or alcohol for normal functioning is an addict. Being a drug addict has many effects in the life of an individual. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and a substance such as alcohol drain a person’s financial status. This is due to the fact that one needs to feed his appetite by doing everything possible to take the substance.

rehabgentSecondly, addiction affects the normal psychological functioning of a person. It also deteriorates a person’s health. Drug rehab comes …

Anti Snoring Devices Like The SnoreLess Pillow Can Help

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Sleep apnea has become a very common sleeping disorder that has disturbed thousands of people and can actually be really dangerous. In the past people had no tools to fight against this disorder because the real cause was not known. These days there are so many devices for sleep apnea available in the market and the good thing about these devices is that they are effective. In fact, with the exception of a few scams, almost every device is effective to some extent. The full effectiveness of these devices depends upon your condition.

snore-manMost of the time people go through a minor problem of sleep apnea and they are relieved by very mild oral appliances such as mouthpieces. In some acute conditions, …

Keeping Your Eyes Open In Your Community, And Your Life

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Keeping your eyes open in life is huge, especially when it comes to your community. I think the recent story of the three girls found in a Cleveland house really speaks a lot to caring about your community. Charles Ramsay, crazy character that he is (if you get a chance to Youtube his post-rescue interview – it may in fact be the best interview in Television history), did keep his eyes open when it mattered the most. The result was that three girls who had previously attempted to call 911, but of course ended up with their pleas ignored, were rescued, and had not only their lives saved, but also potentially years more of torture and rape.

Helped... because someone kept their eyes open!

Helped… because someone kept their

Groceries On The Web? Still Not So Amazing

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In the supermarket industry, observers usually cite such chains as Wegmans, Dick’s Supermarkets, Dorothy Lane Markets and Wal-Mart, whose site reinforces the chain’s brand image of sharp pricing and broad selection and, at the same time, is easy for customers to navigate. Other sites of note include Barnes & Noble, which was late getting on board, but is now successfully using its site as an adjunct to brick and mortar and, in grocery, Marsh Supermarkets and Ralphs, both of which are still in the early stages of development.

“We’re in business to sell merchandise, not technology, and our goal is to have a clean, well- developed site,” Andy Martin, vice president, development and chief technical officer for Garden Escape Inc., an on-line

Not For Profit Boards Offer Fulfilling Opportunities

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When I joined my first not-for-profit board, my college art museum, almost thirty years ago. Why? Because, frankly, I was flattered to be asked. Plus, I was truly interested in art and had begun collecting pictures, one of which I had lent to an exhibition at the museum. In other words, they already knew I was interested.

laydeezSince then, I’ve served on many other boards, and I still join for the same reasons–I know the institution and have an interest in the work it does. The difference is that today I ask some questions before I join. I know that there has already been a behind-the-scenes discussion by the other trustees as to whether I would be a suitable candidate, how much

Do’s And Don’ts Of Data Recovery

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Losing important personal or business data and information is enough to cause some sleepless nights. If we experience such as a result of computer virus attacks, or a crashed hard drive, we have to take the necessary steps to ensure we can get the data back. This means calling a data recovery service company to come help us out. As opposed to preventing and backing up, data recovery is the remedial measure, and often the most sought after in such situations.

server-recovery-serviceAs much as data recovery services are helpful, it is important for users to take measures that will minimize the damage when storage device failure occurs. Being able to understand and recognize the warning signs goes a long way towards …

How Can You Consider An Aging Product Good?

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aapwThere are a lot of anti aging products on the market and of course, to attract customers, they always say they are the best but what can tell you they are actually the best anti aging product is when you tried it yourself. When you are satisfied with the results within a month, then this product deserves your patronage. In the market, there are many products that compete for fame and name. However, just like any ordinary competitions, they strive to be the best in the market by trying to ruin other products’ names.

Just like other aging products, every product says they are the best anti aging product. Doesn’t that make you doubt which one really is the best? One thing …